Monday, November 7, 2016

Doing Project Life Scrapbook Albums

Hi, everyone!

I would like to discuss the
different types of Project Life Albums
a scrapbooker or a family historian
could create . . . .

A Project Life Album can be in different kinds:

- in paper traditional
(just scrapbook each mini project life filler to your heart's delight and compile them in a page and in an album.)

- in hybrid, or
(print digital pages and add embellishments or momentos to the printed digitally prepared page backgrounds, then compile them and had each completed page in an album.)

- in digital
(digi scrap a project life page and you may have it binded or printed into a book like what I want to do with my Book of Life Project Life Digital pages)

A project life album can be in different brands:

- Becky Higgins with different scrapbook artist with American Crafts as their producer:
(mini pocket sleeves are close to atc size to photo sizes where project life fillers in the same size are also available.  Albums are in regular 12x12 size hard ring-binded.  This is what I had utilized for a few of my birthday project life albums.)

- WRMK and Snap Albums:
(album are from big 12x12 to mini albums that fit project life fillers with the smallest pocket sleeve bigger than Becky Higgins smalles pocket sleeve.  These are perfect for those with small cabinet spaces and rooms.  This is what I think good to utilize for a Christmas Daily album or a 12 Days Christmas Album, which I'm doing this 2016.)

- Do-It-Yourself (DIY)
(these are make-do albums.  What I usually see as DIY project life albums are regular photo albums and also artist trading card albums.  The atc project life album is what I did for my 2014 PL which is still a WIP}

Project Life Scrapbook Albums comes in different formats:

- Project Life 12, where a page is created per month
(this is what I incorporated for my 2013 hybrid album, the PL12 makes for a monthly summary on my entire album)

- Project Life 52, where a page is created per week
(this is what I incorporated for my 2013 hybrid & 2014 DIY PLs, where all the days in a week is in one project life page)

- Project Life 365 / 360, where everyday of the current year is depicted
(this is what my 2013 and 2014 PLs really are, where all the days are depicted in one mini project life pocket sleeve)

- Per Event or Occasion 
(this is what I started doing for my birthdays starting 2015 and backtracking with my previous year's birthdays, where the album pages are comprised by both mini pocket sleeves and 12x12 page sleeves.  I get to project life and scrapbook all at the same time.)

On December 5th of 2016 post is 
a couple LO Tutorial
here at Kaboodle Doodles.

sincerely yours,
Kathleen B. Hernandez
{Lady Katutz}